In this chapter-XXXVI, I discuss is there something beyond dark space?

As we know, dark space is not only a matter of darkness where one says this is not possible for space to attain its verges or one cannot defines its properties. But still one is interested in its geometrical behavior where one understands its proper cognition and hence defines why space exists?

As far as universe concern we are able to understands its properties even we do not know these properties really exist experimentally. But in case of dark space it seems like a “nothing” where light even escape from some absurd kind of uncertainties and hence determines its properties itself.

Beyond space legacy, we can define the actual behavior of space geometrical position that is is there any verges and exact coordinates where space came or come into its existence?Some kind of invisible coordinates that manifest the accurate geometry of space.

Somewhere this kind of event happened or may be happening, but our visions cannot determine these events as what we see dark itself is eternal entity. Beyond eternal space there is nothing to be worried as one has to realize a different kind of laws and principles that can only comes into mind with the help of imagination. In next chapter, I will discuss why one cannot imagine the prescribed nature that exists into an uncertain space?


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