In this chapter-XXXVII, I discuss about some hidden aspects of nature and why nature is uncertain as it is not?

Uncertainty is not what we think is difficult to understand. This is something like a space where one see and observe it but cannot touch or attain it. Exactly like a conscious beings hidden into its womb. What exactly space is and why it looks like a black mirror this is the question that seems to be answer itself.

Space is uncertain not as it creates some chaotic materials but its geometry is so complicated as one has to be at the top of the “Mathematics” and is familiar with some undefined mathematics laws and principles. Space is not bounded but yet it ions bounded with some mathematical observations as one cannot dejected the “infinity”concept and demolishes the world of “Ramanujan” where “Infinite Series” plays a vital role in describing the nature’s physical as well as spiritual laws. On the other hand, “Sir George Cantor” was / is the one of the basic founder of fundamental theory that is “Set Theory” that describes the infinity with the cardinal numbers. And also introduces smaller and larger infinities exist.

Infinity never shattered the concept of space geometry but yet this seems as space needs other kind of mathematics that itself is not mathematics but rather a different concept we will have to love it. Beyond “Infinity” we have nothing to tell as one cannot envisaging the proper cognition of “Infinity” whether in a spiritual way or in a scientific way. In next chapter, I will discuss the “mathematical infinities” with space geometrical structure.


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