In this chapter-XXXVIII, I discuss why space existence is weird and chaos for space itself?
Space is an undefined creation where nothing happens clearly as we say “events” and what kind of “events” exists is a pragmatic case for space itself. Some pragmatic laws also cannot define the actual meaning of space and why space existence is so indispensable?
Space even is a questioning for undefined sources and also defined source for eternal world where one explaining the real part of nature but what is that real part, still a mystery?
Somewhere in chaos space, space still is a undefined source of electrical particles as one said “Energy” and some said “Electricity” but entire space follows a uniform laws and principles where nothing is differentiated and hence one determined the actual understanding of nature that is space.
Why space is so indispensable for other kind of space or may be that kind of state exists, if it exists then where it survives and from where its actual cognition become pragmatic solution for some weird and chaos particles those existence are everywhere? In next chapter, I will discuss on different kind of states beyond space.


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