In this chapter-XXXXI, some undefined philosophical states of nature into the entire region of space, I will discuss.

Well, some of the greatest discoveries let us in a world of technology where one understand something without any hindrances and even one can give exegesis on smaller things as these things are less not easily discover able.

However, our perception and true cognition is based on some uncertain kind of theories where one want to become more pragmatic and find everything including something weird and different. Some mysteries are still left behind the unknown mirror where nothing seems to be reflected and transcending from one medium to another and one remains in a chaotic world. But when we talk about space what actually it is, we left our technology and move forward in terms of philosophical methods because this will definitely examine our imagination and also our logically how we are strong.

Definition of space and describing the better point of view of space cognition is not always provide a better pragmatic solutions as one left with some unknown kind of mysteries and defining what exactly space is always seems to be difficult to say what it is and why?

Somewhere our own created principles become foible as we are searching for unknown nature where existence certainly come up with some cause and when cause remains hidden it becomes an uncertain concept for rational and conscious beings. In next chapter, I will discuss on some basic aspects of nature and why it needs to come into synthesis of elegant existence?


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