In this chapter-XXXXII, something is uncertain and what one finds the real truth of nature even nature itself knows what if it becomes real with unreal world and what if it’s hidden womb never observe by anyone?

Nature itself like a shell where one can dive his valuable moments but still left with uncertainty as there is nothing achievable in this giant and mysterious nature. What if we considered a “Individual Nature?” What if consider nature as a source for some kind of certainty where “individuality”is more important than “Universality”? We cannot say that we are looking that kind of mirror where we see behind the space and what we find surprise us. We only imagine what exists beyond the space or it itself is a entity. There are various methods where we are able to determine what space is and why there is darkness everywhere?

But still we are left with an uncertainty where we cannot determine the exact medium of undefined space and how one define its past creation is a difficult task for every one.

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