This chapter is entirely revolving around some spinning and fundamental movements of “elementary particles” and in what way these particles behave?
However, in protons we have a spinning of quarks but those are virtual and hence have existence of gluons, where there is upper quark, down quark strange quark and hence has a anti quarks on each i.e. anti down quark that is two anti down quark, anti upper quark that is two anti upper quark and anti strange quark that is two anti strange quark. Something like a “virtual particles” in space (will discussed later. The factor that causes is “gluons” some kind of glue that connected all these quarks into the protons and hence stabilize it (proton).

But still one question arises why proton needs quarks and why quarks need gluon? One reason is this kind of mechanism stabilizes the internal that is smaller structure of particles for their existence and second one is this assists particle to build a basic part of elementary particles so as to create everything in universe and even universe itself. But why gluon as there is no verges of space that restrict their structure?

Fundamentally universe itself is a basic part of elementary particles as we have “Standard Model” but yet it is uncertain to define every particle into a single continuum and hence describes its meaning of eternity.
In next chapter, I will discuss the geometrical behavior of “elementary particles”.

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