This chapter manifests how geometrical behavior is so indispensable for elementary particles?

The elementary particles have their confined state as one can ask in how many way particles could be in a confined box as according to “Bose” (Satyendra Nath Bose, Indian Physicist). Is this only an imagination where we counted every individual particle with respect to its average density? Particles themselves are nothing but a certainty of their bunch of ultimate reality where these particles confined their state and are possible to determine its arrangement.
Suppose, if you take a box and into this box you have many particles what you do as there are so many particles for determining their exact position and hence is not possible to arrange them in sequence way? Quantum mechanics assists us as we count the average number of particles and then count all particles but still accuracy is not exact as we are still behind the real fact. There are so many particles inside this box and what one observe is to define the actual behavior of these particles that is geometry because geometry not only assists one to determines the actual number of particles inside the box but determines the possibility of probability where chances are more pragmatic than the actual number of particles count inside the box.
In next chapter, I discuss some relations between elementary particles.

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