Why we define the probability of such kind of universe where uncertainties hide the actual fact of particles and hence we are unable to ask ourselves why there is any need of temperature to be hot and then cool down in past history of universe? Can we imagine a universe without any temperature and how if particles never existed as we think?

In this chapter, I describe some hidden aspects of nature and why particles rely on probability and why probability is indispensable for particles, just like a “Schrodinger Cat in a Box”?
In “Schrodinger Box” one has a many probabilities that is cat who trapped into a box has many probabilities.
1. This cat will survive without any hindrance.
2. This cat will die.
3. Even this cat is not present into this box
4. Suddenly cat disappears and appears simultaneously.
These above points manifest the probabilities and hence give a chance to open the shattered doors of “quantum reality” whether this kind of reality only exists behind someone’s existence or in front of someone like a Sir Albert Einstein’s one of the mysterious paradox “May be your moon is not behind you when you are not looking to the moon’s beam” this kind of paradox gives rise to a entanglement not in between any kind of sense organs but in a world of quantum particles as along with one of his best friend Sir Neil Bohr. In next chapter, I will describe some facts and some rivalry situation between these two “Legends”.

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