This chapter gives an exegesis on two Physicists who never dejected quantum entanglement but still remain in chaos.

We are still in chaos why we are trying to define a particle’s entanglement? In Classical Physics, one has confirmed that the particles have well defined properties. But when we talk in quantum mechanics, we left with particles spinning as well as their properties. One of the mystery in “entanglement” is one cannot defines other or measures other.

In other words, suppose you have two photons A and B and then these two photons move away from each other. What will happen photon A asks photon B to change its state as being opposite to it i.e. A but still we face a problem photon A never measure B that is without measuring photon B, it (photon B) changes its state. At a larger distance this happens in between these two photons i.e. A and B. But why this kind of entanglement is happening and so why Albert Einstein called this “Spooky Action” without relying too much on “quantum mechanics”.

On the other hand, Neil Bohr said “If quantum mechanics never shocked you profoundly then you would not understand it yet”. This means one has to learn what quantum mechanics gives it to observer. In next chapter, I will discuss some mysteries behind entanglement between particles.


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