Entanglement is something like a bridge between the two particles whether these particles are too far away from each other or too close to have interaction. Something in between these two particles happen as similar like a consciousness where one particle orders the other particle to behave just opposite to it.

Consider you have two particles and their interaction (whether in a form of their states, spinning, momentum, and other kind of factors) these two particles have. But one their interaction starts what we notice there is something that interact these two particles as one particle is dependent on other and other one also. As we find entanglement between these two particles but where these events occur and why there is any need for any kind of entanglement?
Reason is these two particles entangle with each other and some mysterious force in between these two can create something mystic and weird bridge.
 But this is not any weird bridge but a geometry of space where can interact with each other without describing or measuring anything as geometry is always individual for every particles just like a some individual field. But one has to notice some profound geometry that is still missing and incomplete in certain kind of bridge which I will discuss in next chapter.

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