In previous chapter-VIII, I mentioned the bridge that manifesting certain kind of force as invisible force between two particles. But why this kind of bridge exists and why in between two particles, I will discuss in this chapter?

As we know gluons are responsible by creating such kind of force where two quarks are able to hold each other and what entangles more in between two particles are why certain particles want entanglement only they have their opposite spins or they have many spins without measuring it? One can also questions, is there any time factor in between two particles as such case find in “wormholes” where particles have their vital role and hence entanglement is indispensable in that case? But time factor also affect in wormholes concept as we know we are not in our universe but in other universe.

This seems like a travelling into “Quantum Tunneling Effect” where particles is repelled by the electric field and where energy of a electron is lower than the energy level of the field (In Classical Physics).

But in Quantum Physics electron can treat as a wave where it can encounters with the electric field and probability to have tunneling.

This kind of effect can also gives us the idea of quantum particles tunneling where they find their paths with accuracy and how they tunneling through definite
mediums? But what are these mediums and why there is any need of these, I will discuss in next chapter.