We know something needs some space to perform his actions and what we call this an event where one has the liberty to perform his task whatever it is. We have to understand what exactly “events” behave in smaller regions of space and are we able to split fundamental nature of “quarks”?

We have “quarks” and hence gluons play a vital role for quarks but still we are uncertain that these quarks contains some other kind of particles those assist us to understand the limits of smaller regions of space. In other words, that space what we observe today contains some mysterious forces not for nature but for us as these forces create some smaller regions and hence create bigger regions but if we talk in quantum mechanically there is nothing bigger because we are in world of “quanta” where we find some probable chances of being into the world of smaller probabilities.

Nevertheless, we have some mathematical concepts of “smaller and larger infinities” where one can have “Cardinal Numbers” (given first by George Philip Ludwig Cantor) and what we understand from this is some smaller numbers can dominate on bigger numbers and where something is still missing as we emphasis on natural numbers and real numbers similar like a smaller regions and larger regions of space.

However, into these regions we have mediums some are smaller and some are larger but probability is more in smaller regions. From above paragraph, we can assert on some undefined numbers those are still missing into dark space. In next chapter, I will discuss about some facts beyond particles.