Higgs-Boson concept is most famous concept while understanding why every matter contains mass and why “Heaviness” is so indispensable?

In Higgs-Boson concept object cannot have their own mass but their mass depends on other object. In other words, it depends on bunches of particles attack on individual particle. For an excerpt, suppose bunches of persons enter into the room and there is one person standing there and he is famous because he is great cosmologist then what all persons do they moves towards this famous person and surrounds him. But what we notice that person gains more mass due to these persons surrounds him as when this person left his place he will leave with more mass.

That person acquire more mass but in case of massless particles all these persons do not surround that particular person because he is not famous and what that person acquire nothing and we see in case of neutrino.

But we are still not sure why this happens as “fields” that are bunches of persons surrounds only famous person and not ordinary person and why one defines the concept of heaviness in terms of fields as one can imagine the space geometry?

Where some unclear definitions can be sort out and hence we are able to understand why fields are so indispensable for heaviness? In next chapter, I will show the acceleration of particles in “Higgs- Boson” concept.


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