In this chapter-XIII, I will discuss on some aspects regarding to particles information and hence their entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement of a particles are always determine some hidden facts regarding to universe stability and raises a question why universe needs unstability rather than stability?

It is fact; if universe is unstable then it works without any hindrances but if universe is stable then what will happen, is it works without any disorder? We know universe itself is disorder and hence is not able to work without any disorder. So, entanglement between the particles is so important as this can assists us how some uncertain forces generate a bridge between the particles (if we consider two particles) but if there are more than two particles then what will happen? Is entanglement becomes a part of uncertainty or just a chaos?

We are still unable to find the entanglement between two particles and when we deal with more than two particles, we are in a world of uncertainties where probabilities determine individual particles. In next chapter, I will relate entanglement to infinite particles.

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