We are still behind the mystery of entanglement and when we deal with some uncertain particles then this would not sufficient for us to understand the exact meaning of particles world. 

We know there is something that compels each particles to entangle with each other even they do not measure properties (that is one particle does not measure other particle). How this is possible as one particle entangles the other without knowing the second one and how is this possible entanglement creates some kind of bridge that is indispensable for entire universe?
There are lots of probabilities happening into quantum world but still remains a mystery. Even we are not sure why something begins from quantum world and then we have macroscopic world? Yes this kind of sentence seems to be chaotic and irrelevant but yet this defines the actual behavior of quantum world particles. When we deal with infinite series of particles we are in uncertain medium from where we find the exact medium of particles field.
Can we associate individual field with the entanglement of a particles and hence are able to understand the geometry of quantum entanglement? In next chapter, I will discuss is there any need of individual field to a quantum entanglement of a particles?



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