In this chapter, is quantum entanglement needs individual field so as to stabilize itself? Is quantum entanglement the only way to understand the universe creation and hence enables us to understand why particles share information with each other?

Quantum entanglement is the basic part of universe creation because when universe starts its journey it is uncertain that is unstabilize and there are lots of particles you may also say that other particles (that does not belongs to our universe). The reason is when universe starts its journey it happens in somewhere that is into the darkness of space and one can consider the extra particles field so as to assist the universe to expand in such a way where only possibility will be big crunch or may be big rip (in future) otherwise it expands like a infinite mirrors.

Particles entangle with each other but when these particles behave like a waves then what happens? Are these particles following the same procedure? Answer is yes, these particles always follow the same fundamental laws but one cannot notice this because they share information with higher velocity even they crosses the limit of speed of light. In next chapter, I will discuss about these particles information and hence their quantum information.


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