Particles share information as we all know whether in a form of entanglement or in a form of certain geometry. But this is clear they share something that bonds their properties even they opposes each other.

Quantum entanglement clears the information between particles as something happen in between them. Yet this is not clear why they share information and is there any medium for sharing their information or this is just a source of hallucination.
We are still unknown with our mathematical laws where there are some missing numbers that are responsible for their geometrical information and it is clear this kind of information is only possible when something exists in between the two objects and however generate some force particles that are responsible for creating a bridge but what is that thing and why it exists in between the particles is still a mystery.
One can consider space as a cluster of particles where there is no entanglement and hence there is a symmetrical transformation of particles and this result in an entanglement between particles. Ether like concept is not applicable on it because one cannot consider space itself that is “dark space” so there is no existence of ether into the entanglement concept. In next chapter, I will discuss dark space and interrelate it with entanglement.

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