Is there any need for space to dilate itself? This kind of dilation is not self but dependent on mediums that space creates. But why we cannot achieve its verges even through its medium?

Space itself creates dilation between its medium and produces something different kind of force that is invisible for everyone and hence generates lower and higher regions so as to dilate its medium.

For an excerpt, suppose we have darkness everywhere and one person stands in this darkness then what he will realize? He found nothing and even he / she cannot touch or observe what exactly space is? But how if space is not black as we have our perception? What if our perception is limited whether we think philosophically or mathematically?

How numbers in mathematics solves the mystery of space with one of the brilliant idea by “George Ferdinand Philip Ludwig Cantor” that manifests the infinities of smaller and larger infinities. As one cannot achieve the term “Infinity” but still is searching for what exists in between these infinities?

Similar case is happening for space. Space we observe is not a unique entity but there exists something beyond space as space dilates its smaller moments into individual particles. Individual particles in the sense it (space) defines its confined state but we are in an uncertain circular string from where we start from our prescribed point, we again come there without achieving some other medium. We travel but we cannot find new dimensions.

It is just like a travelling into darkness where nothing exists so what we are looking for or want to achieve something? Events create cause and cause creates time and medium is the best source for space to define its actual reality. If we want to know why space is so weird we first know about its entanglement which I will discuss in next chapter.


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