# String Theory is consider to be a point like particles which are replaced by one dimensional objects.

# String Theory is generally used for description of gravity and particle physics.

# String Theory was first studied in late 1960, with the rise of a strong nuclear force.

# Fundamentally objects string theory is closed and open strings model.

# String Theory has also interaction with quantum world i.e. worldlines of point like particles or sometimes called world sheet.

# In String Theory, we are likely to talk about more than four dimensions such as length, height, width and time (which is the fourth dimension).

# In String Theory there are 11 dimensions, Superstring Theory has 10 dimensions and  Bosonic String Theory there are 26 dimensions.

# String Theory is further divided into “Brane” and “Dualities”. In Brane Theory, open strings attached to a pair  known as D-Branes whereas in Dualities, it is of two kind S Duality and T Duality.

# Matrix Theory also provide some useful contribution to the string theory as in physics, matrix model gives us the behavior of set of matrices within the framework of quantum mechanics.

# There are various assumptions for string theory such as Mirror Symmetry, Calabi-Yau Manifold, Bekeinstein- Hawking formula, Quantum Gravity, Anti-de Sitter Space and many other methods for assuming the one of the most challenging concept in nature.

# Reality is what one wants to understand but still criticizes himself  / herself not because reality of ultimate nature is hidden but exists everywhere to create uncertainty.


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