# First we know space is a three dimensional extent where objects perform their activities that we generally called a “Events”.

# Events popularly known as coordinates in three dimensional space where one can measures position and hence velocity.

# Geometrically space is a three dimensional extent but when we think about matter (i.e. energy) so, is space properly filled the state of matter?

# As both are dependent on each other. Space, Matter, Time these quantities are same but hence creates some chaos in between their relations which one came first. Obviously, we say space because something needs space to expand and also accelerate but space itself needs matter to inflates its verges. As there is no restriction of space to be bounded but if space is boundless then this also creates a chaos situation for matter.

# This means space creates everything but which space, that space where nothing is attainable?

# If space creates matter then matter needs expansion and hence it accelerates then if we consider space to be bounded and have verges so there are lots of probabilities where space exhaust itself and creates some other geometrical entity for matter’s existence?

# Fact is that space has its verges and hence there are some limitations of objects to inflates and those matters (i.e. are particles) annihilate become a part of space to inflate with minimum inflation without violating the laws of conservation.

# But why only space and why objects needs space and space needs objects is a undefined governed laws which can never be crack as it is just like a “Curiosity”.


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