Are dimensions only a part of universe of these are also associated with dark space?

Is this an uncertainty or just an illusion? But somewhere we are wrong because we cannot define the exact meaning of dimension as we believe dimensions are the basic building block for universe and hence we analysis these with respect to length, width, breadth and time. But there are infinite dimensions only need is to have a “disordered state” that kind of state is not visible to us but still exists.

In fact there are lots of multiple dimensions but these are not in a symmetrical form. Can we consider these dimensions to be unsymmetrical? These dimensions are not in a symmetric way as there are various kinds of medium that are associated with these dimension and from where light particles travel and hence consider a “universal speed”.

However, in matrix dimension there are various mediums but has probabilities that creates another new probability.

That kind of probability is different than the chances as this can give the best output when determined in a accurate and experimental manner especially in ” String Theory”. One considers this a “Loop” and some other believe that “String Theory” is based on “Quantum Tunneling”. But reality is not based on reality but on probability.


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