First we all know space itself is a undefined concept. Some believe that it is nothing and some believe it is infinite while some believe it is finite and has some properties accord with laws of mathematics and physics. But why we need space and what if there is no space (i.e. there is no individual concept of space)?

However, we are becoming more and more philosophical and our pragmatic values become too short in front of mysterious space. We think if there is no space then where universe expand into and where existence exists? This kind of question leads us to the world of “Self” where individuality become stronger and stronger and there is no hope for another space. 

We know earth is in a habitable zone and solar system is in vast galaxy and galaxy is in a giant universe. But where is universe and where it expands? Is this a false perception about space or something exist beyond universe and what we called it a “Space”. Some of us believe it is dark because some reasons including dark energy, dark matter. But we forget one thing dark energy and dark matter are a part of universe and hence dark energy is responsible for accelerating expansion of the universe. But we are in chaos which thing expands universe or space? 

We definitely say universe because it is a measurable entity and hence it describes how one think about the weird perception of space. The question is why space is indispensable for objects and why it exists without any cause? Is there someone who creates this or it is infinite with its verges which has no boundary?  

Can one squeeze space into tiny particle and consider it to be a microscopic particle? This is just like a quantum world where uncertainty demolishes observer’s cognition. 

However, space is something that can be observe and we understand it but still fell too short for its real existence.


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