Ending or beginning?

Life is uncertain and hence we are one of this weird life where everything is uncertain and probability defines how one finds himself / herself in a absurd world where possibilities are many but solution is only one but still we are too far away from this solution.

However, when we talk about space we give up our thoughts, but why? Reasons are hidden in a core of space where dimensions are still a questioning and answer resides in a space itself. 

We are not sure whether space is infinite or finite. If it is finite then question arises:

i) If space is finite then something exists beyond it and hence some forces would still to understand.

ii) If it is infinite then there is no end and hence no beginning. 

iii) If space has no beginning and no end then there is a possibility of “Constant Space” like a confined box whose boundaries are limited and where light particles itself has fixed velocity. 

iv) If space is not “Constant” then there is a possibility of “Concentric Space” where there exists odd and even spaces like a disc and their verges expands like a cylindrical structure i.e. in a geometrical structure of cylinder.

The above points manifest what if space is finite or infinite. Yet these points are not a complete theory of everything but shows how there exists infinite possibilities and infinite thoughts to think ” What is space?”

In other words, if we want to solve the mystery of space we first want to know why it (space) exists whether we think in terms of philosophy or in pragmatic understanding but this will definitely take us to the next level that still is a beginning.


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