Somewhere we are uncertain and ask ourselves how to define what exactly space is and why it exists? This is something like a individual point in a dark space and what we have to do to find its location. 

Space itself is finite is a question that opposes the classical mechanics and hence relativity. Finite space is a hypothetical concept however, we cannot say hypothetical it is better to say inference because we envisage only as there is nothing to confirm as there is something like this. 

Finite space manifests the individual space where space is finite in some limits and light particles also are finite. But beyond finite space what exists? Yet answer is not sure but something like our space there are many spaces or there exists something that us beyond our perceptions. 

Space is fabric but it is not necessary that it is infinite or it has no verges. It describes something that creates its visible part and beyond light what is our perception towards space? These questions are difficult to solve but if we solve the mysteries of distance between stars then we are able to know about what exactly space is and why it exists?


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