Why Quantun Entanglement is a mystical force? 

We all know quantum entanglement is something that binds the two particles and hence sharing is more important in that case where one has to observe clearly and define entanglement in its own pragmatic way. 

Quantum Entanglement is the hidden mystery in space and this is one of the biggest mystery still because we do not know why “Quantum Entanglement” exists? This question leads us to the world of logic where logic defines how and why entanglement occurs in between the particles? 

However, we know entanglement occur in between particles and particles have some probability to entangles with each other. But still we are uncertain where this quantum entanglement occurs and who supports its base as something defines its internal geometry. 

The fact is that there is no such concept like quantum entanglement and what we observe is not a entanglement but a geometry of particles. But, what is geometry of particles are? 

Geometry of particles are hidden geometry that hidden inside the particles and these geomtry decides how particles behave and hence have their momentum, position, their axis and also their existence. Geometry inside the particles are the basic and fundamental part of nature and manifests space itself entangles. 

We are too close to discover a mystery of entanglement and what we will observe in future entangles the geometry of space. 


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