Where everything shattered and where nothing merge and however space nevertheless a uniformity of space is always residing onto white papers where one only left with some mystical nature of space.

“Self” itself is a chain reaction or is a untamed reaction. Existence of life never shattered the realism of “Self” because “Self” is not individual as it exists in every corner of the dark space and hence has some common perception that never changes the part of mystical space whatsoever one wants to hide the space geometry.

Geometry is something like a “Self” where nothing seems to be unimaginable because one has to understand why “Self” exists and why there is any importance of “Self”? Nothing is a different concept and there is no relation between “Self” and “Nothing”. The reasons are many, but one of these is “Nothing” never has a cause instead of saying it is associated with “Self” and “Self” on the other hand has a cause and is associated with “Nothing”.

What we observe is completely dark and there will be no hope if we deject the “Self” concept. However, many religion rejected the concept of “Self” but still it is a part of science and science makes it without any hindrance and without any non-scientific approach.



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