What space is and why it exists? Reasons are many but we find ourselves in a confined web where our freedom looks like a parochial thoughts where one repeatedly asking to himself  / himself why space is black rather than having any other color?

First, we shall describe how space manifolds itself and how space creates small manifolds listed below:

1. Space is one dimensional in structure like one dimensional plate.

2. Space is like a disc i.e. one dimensional where one can only observe current position (his / her own current position).

3. Space is concentric rather than multiple and there exists odd and even concentric space.

4. Space itself is a confined concentric disc, where there is no restriction on its verges (i.e. space boundaries).

In the above points, there are different ways on which space adheres its behavior. Why existence of space is so indispensable and why it exists is still a mystery because it is something like a small droplet in giant ocean and why small droplet exists is a deepest question?

(Space Science)



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