Geometrical Space 

Whenever we think about space, we become too uncertain and shattered our thoughts into its dark perception. Somewhere we are right and somewhere we are creative but the fact is, we are still searching for exact definition of space.

Imagination however, suffices to explain the mystery of space and hence develop some real geometrical definition of space.

We all know space itself is a non-existent self which means it doesn’t have its surface or any other kind of surface but yet we are curious to know what exists beyond space? This is something like a fictious concept but this may happen if there exists “Multipaces” (Multi-Spaces) more than one space. It does not violate any law but yes, this may disturb the process of “Self” because there is no “Self” in a essence of “Multipaces”.

Geometrically we are sure everything is possible and we can imagine the the ” Multi-Spaces” and hence determine how these spaces behave whether in a concentric way or in a one dimensional way. Because geometry does not mean only equations but it defines the actual part of space and hence objects in it. 


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