What is time and why it is so complicated concept in physics, mathematics, cosmology, string theory, big bang theory and in various other subjects. We are uncertain about its real perception as we understand time as a flow of one state to another as this is our natural growth and from this we are able to understand years, months, days and also time, without it we are in chaos.

But what exactly time is? Is time really exist or just an illusion or mind’s false perception. We are not sure about real concept of time but still consider it a transformation from past to present, present to future. If one asks, if we reverse its arrow then what will happen? But some physics laws say that this is not possible as “Time is Fundamental” and no one alters its arrow or direction. However, time came in its existence when “Big Bang occurred (if this happened*) then time came in its existence and what we call time a direction that moves from one level to another, but never everywhere as one stretches its direction from Level A to Level C, but time moves from Level A to Level B.

Yes, this is true time is our mind’s perception (not say false perception) but is a way to count our day to day  life’s changes. Time is nothing but a medium (not an individual medium) but is applicable on everything including universe. Because, we cannot consider space a medium and provide insufficient proof for its existence and say space itself is a “Event” and nothing else. 

We can understand “Time”* in our own perception, where time can be move forward and also backward but one cannot say only backward and forward, it can be stretches everywhere because beginning and ending never matters for time as time is a medium, better to say “Individual Medium”. 

*Time: It is a medium for an “individual medium”.

*Big Bang: Yet not to be associated with other mediums as our universe has a different timeline than others.

Image Source: Google Images 


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