When perception turn into an illusion then our real cognition becomes absurd too. Even we are not sure whether space exists or not, but in certain cases we are sure it is just a medium for events where objects have their usual performance.

But what is space and is it dependent on matter? There is trouble in this statement as we are not sure whether space came first or matter, even we are not sure is space dependent on matter and conversely? Is space only a black fabric or it has some other dimensional medium? Can we put a question as space is without dimensions?

However, Space is what it never manifests its reality but what we see or observe is only real for us because space is not conscious but is independent on matter and beings and hence never adheres basic laws of physics and mathematics. It is something like a nothing and nothing like a nihilism, but still we are facing a problem why space exists and how it expands its verges? First of all we are wrong with our perception as space expands with matter (both are independent concept), not dependent on matter and then expands but still one question arises here why it is black? Because matter is receding from us along with (Unfilled States or Space) Space and light that is everywhere in entire universe and space receding from us so our senses only limits our mind’s perception and we see a black color of space, but why black because it is all about our mind’s geometry as well as our biological effect.

Still we are in a chaos world where some perceptions are true and some are false but one thing is sure, when we will understand our mind completely then space for us become a perception that never ends the story of “Dark Space”.

Image Source: Google Images 



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