What is infinity and is this a ultimate destination for everything? Infinity is the term that is widely use in mathematics, physics, astronomy, cosmology and in many other statistical field. But still our curiosity towards infinity and its some hidden applications become more and more as we are not hiding our presence of mind.

But how infinity assist us to solve our biggest mathematical equations and also understand this chaos is the big challenge for us? First, we have understand infinity is not a physical or non-physical object but is a term widely uses in mathematics and in physics.. One can cancel infinity with infinity and ultimately the consequence is again a infinity. Infinity also assists in many mathematical equations that helps us to solve our ‘Integral’ as well as ‘Differential’ solutions and the infinity is a chapter of “infinite Series”.

However, Infinity is just a perception for our uncertain mind where we all only know about its use but never knows ‘Is there anything beyond infinity’, again it a term not an object so as to perceive its realm but infinity is still a mystery as how limited minds can solve the biggest mystery of nature? Smaller infinities concept was given by “George Ludwig Ferdinand Cantor” where his cardinal numbers showed a difference between “Infinity” and “Smaller Infinity” (described a term “Aleph Null*).

We use term infinity and solve our equations, yet some are unsolvable and some are solvable, but we are sure ‘Infinity’ definitely is not only a term of symbol but a method of medium.

*Aleph Null: is the standard cardinal number of N (Natural Numbers) sometimes called set of  real numbers and the set of cardinality is called “denumerable’.

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