What is Reality?

What is reality and why does it exist? Is there something that creates a hoax for consciousness? I know, I am getting too bored with this weird concept but still trying to know where is reality and how it reflects in the conscious mind?

We all know, we are curious to know about universe mystery and want to know what is beyond space and is there someone who operates all this (in entire universe)? I know, some are getting bored with this concept and are getting trouble with this concept. But this concept is not only creating puzzle for uncertain beings but still confused how and why reality dwells in eternal world (if there is no existence of eternity)?

I am sure, we humans are not sure about what is reality? We say we perceive it through our senses and our mind can definitely solve this uncertainty, where we find reality beyond dark space. Reality is not a real sense of perception. In other words, if you perceive reality beyond this universe or space, then what you expect from it. Would you find a destiny that gives us a proper cognition about space and hence describes how to understand reality? If one finds reality beyond ultimate space then is this sufficient for us to perceive uncertain reality beyond universe or space?

Reality is not what it exists within or beyond space but it is everywhere and what we have to do to create a better environment where we find how to understand reality and how to perceive cognition (may be false or not) but we have to understand where life goes on a single vibrating string and also understand why we are? Are we trying to accept a wrong cognition or false cognition? All this about a matter of “self” where our thoughts come from within but our thoughts resides outside this universe so as to find reality and never create a hoax.

Image Source: Google Images  


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