What is time?

In this post, I will try my best to show how time is interrelated with space? I know, we are familiar with the space time concept (introduced by Sir Albert Einstein) and how space time works, everyone know. But we are not sure, why this happen as Legendary, Physicist Albert Einstein described how space allows time to move and time allows space to bend. We are still struggling why this happen and why space allows time to move (as both these two entities are one, not different).

However, space time is single entity and there is nothing that connects these two entities, is this? May be, answer is in “quantum entanglement” where information is indispensable and we observe a magic like situation, which is not (not discuss in this post, will discuss in next post). Space time, creates higher number of dimensional fields that assist both these entities to connect like a “Liquid Fabric of Space” which means it has higher number of possibilities to connect with “Itself” (Space). From “Liquid Fabric of Space” there is no time because space, itself is in a form of time and hence space describes how it (space) moves and balances it’s both (vector and scalar field). Space is time, in the sense it is a medium that is assisting by “Liquid Fabric of Space”.

“Liquid Fabric of Space manifests how space behaves in “quantum mechanically and how it moves (as we consider “time”)? This is something like one dimensional line in a circle that manifests three dimensional pattern of a circle. Yet, this is difficult to understand how space behaves in “Liquid Fabric of Space” but this is sure that it is like a “Quanta Particles of Light” which we called “Photons”. The detail of the previous statement is not easy to explain, but will try to explain clearly in my next post.

Image Source: Google Images

Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-3

Space time


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