What is time?

I am not sure whether this post going to be more interesting one or not, but sure this will definitely stuck your minds. In this post, I will describe why there are lots of geometries instead of one? This seems a appalling sci-fi story but this is not, I am going to share something different concept.

Our universe is not particularly bounded with single type of geometry but with lots of geometries those are still undiscovered. In ancient time, we manifest geometry a part of everything even we have giant “Euclidean Geometry” that seems to be giant ocean and assist us to solve various geometrical behavior of space. In today’s world, we are bounded with various kind of geometries whether it is higher in level or have some mysterious facts behind them. But fact is that we have infinite geometries with infinite structures and we are only facing few one.

Space is a best excerpt where we see a difference and observe why space is infinite and matter in it expands it’s geometrical size (yet we are not observe this kind of event), reason is behind the smaller geometries that lie inside every corner of the space and hence generate “Quantum Geometries”. These geometries are real connectors in between space and matter because, space, matter and time are single entity and motion in between these three are necessary due to “F=ma”. Here we are not sure “why motion is necessary instead of using static field?” We are not sure whether space adheres geometrical interaction or particles interaction but we are sure both these concepts are indispensable for existence of space and further we will discover it’s (space) geometrical behavior.

However, time needs space and space needs matter and vice-versa. But geometry is necessary, not because space is “Hyper Fluid Interaction” but because it needs it’s existence (whether would come from singularity or from infinite geometries).

In my next post, I will discuss about the real geometrical behavior of space. Thanks!

Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-7

Image Source: Google Images 


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