What is time?

In my previous post, I discussed the interrelation between “Quantum time” with “Quantum Space”, not too wary to avoid the presence of “quantum space” but still facing a problem “Why Quantum Space exists?” Yes, this seems to be a philosophical argument but we have to understand it, whether in a abstract way or in a pragmatic way (depends on mind’s perception).

However, existence of everything is vital not because our existence is indispensable but because, everything move forward from somewhere at least from “Void” which I am going to be discussing now, may be you will enjoy this post because, this post is going to be more complicated rather than trouble-free experience.

  1. So, let’s start with “Nothing” even when time had not it’s existence. Then what you expect from “Everything” ? Assume, you are in a world of “void” where nothing flourishes or expand and even not contract. How’s this experience for you and also for me, think (but please not stressing on your mind as you have become more and more painstaking person in this case). Even sound is not there and you are inside the “transcendental void”. Yes, this experience is not good for anyone.
  2. Nevertheless, we move inside this “void” without hoping for any escaping door then what would you expect from that moment where we are totally doomed . And suddenly, “void” gave birth to uncertain creation and what was that? Is there someone, who tried to reveal or open the doors of “Void” |(I know, you all say It’s Creator, may be) but if He was there at that time then definitely He had different “void” behind “ours”. Yes, I know He is Supreme but there is some other “space” (you definitely consider timeless space, He has) as we generally discussing “He is everlasting and infinite.

Since, from our “Big Bang” we are sure our’s universe has a beginning but we are not sure that in a giant space, creation occur suddenly and is expanding till now? Time is a major factor for inflation but not in a macroscopic level, but in a quantum mechanically. “Void” even has “time” but not ordinary one, as it “creates” time particles. Sounds queer but this is just my assumption on it otherwise you definitely share your views on it, with (yourself).

In my next post, I will discuss “What are time particles?”. Hope, you literally enjoy this post. Thanks!

Image Source: Google Images

Original Source: https://cosmologyexegesis.quora.com/What-is-time-11



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