What is Life?

I am not sure why we are here (on planet earth)? But, if we try to explicit the medium of uncertain life, we will become more curious. In this post, I will discuss “why our existence is indispensable for nature and why  we are here on planet earth?

First, we are living in a world of uncertainty. Even we do not know why we are here on planet earth? Sometimes, we become more curious about nature and sometimes we become dubious on nature’s biggest mystery. But, here we are discussing on “Existence” and why “Existence” is more complicated than surviving on planet earth? Are we becoming more dubious for understanding the weird path of nature? May be, but our biological structure never allows us to understand everything explicitly because we are finite (yes, we are infinite by our creation) but finite with out limited biological structure.

However, our mind is different and consider a real path that assists us to understand universe and hence space also. This is something like a “Giant mountains and from this, small pebbles create” Similar in this case, we are bounded with “Well Defined” space and where we are only a small discoverer and our mind is our medium to space and we travel everywhere with the help of mind, whether this is meditation or something else.

But, there are lots of questions arise here. First one is, “Why we are on planet earth and why this is necessary for conscious beings to be here (on planet earth)? Answer is very candid, as we are under some laws and principles and what we do is our actions / deeds and our existence is not independent but depend on some “well defined” laws and principles. But what  is these “well defined laws and principles”? And why we need this?May be, these laws and principles are important for conscious beings and what you called these (laws and principles) “Spiritual powers”, “geometrical structure” or anything else but these are  indispensable, not sure in this post, why? But in my next post I will discuss on these laws and principles.

Hope you enjoy this. Thanks!

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