What is life?

This post is not going to be candid one as I am still in uncertainty to find / search something different in nature, may be you also. However, sometimes we become curious on nature’s existence and sometimes we adhere it’s intricate meaning i.e. “Why does nature exist?”. I know this question nuisances you and you might think, why I am accenting on this question? The reason behind this is, we are still struggling for our existence and we even do not know why we are? This seems to be little funny but this is not as we are bewildering in a chaos world (especially on planet earth).

This is not a “Quantum Loop” that uncertain our mind and this is not “Planck’s Scale” i.e. (10 -35) that perplex our mind. But nature is something different concept and it’s book defines itself, no matters who starts it’s existence “Creator” or “Self”. Even imagination searches for a nature’s realm. But somewhere we are missing something that is the real cause for existence of nature, may be this is “infinite” or “finite”.

Nature is still a mysterious concept, not because it contains higher degree of imagination but because it is everywhere that patents how it works without depending on other world, may be this is but, if not then what we would be heading for? Some says, we have to be pragmatic in this case and some says we have to be abstract in thought. Our thoughts are not constraints when we think nature in both the way whether it is in higher or in lower degree.

However, this post is something like an abstract point of view regarding nature and further we move forward, we will definitely find little moments and definitely we consider ourselves a “Learner” along with elegant and complex nature. Hope you enjoy this series. Thanks a lot!

Space time


Image Source: Google Images 



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