Quantum Suicide

We are here again with lots of complex and fascinating things on “Quantum Suicide”. “Quantum Suicide” really perplex our minds and also compels us to think why nature is so complex, but sometimes elegant also. We are not at the verge of that mechanics that allows us to think positively about nature’s deepest root, may be we know how deep it is.

However, we are discussed “Quantum Infinite” in my previous chapter and that is something weird and chaos, where our expectations beyond our mind is shattered. Probably, some definitions about “Quantum Suicide” definitely lead us to the point of “Singularity” why? Because we have denser regions in space-time and if we will adhere them output is elegant and we will able to understand past, present and future simultaneously. But our current theories or laws break down their, not because we have insufficient mathematical principles but we are lack of experience with “quantum mechanics”.

Quantum Mechanics is not the single portion that allows us to understand everything explicitly. Why I am saying like this, this is because as we know we have two possibilities one is “Microscopic” and other one is “Macroscopic” beyond this can we create something different possibility? Yes, this is a painstaking question but really a matter of assert (will discuss in my next chapter). Similar case arises in “Quantum Suicide” we have two probabilities one is “Alive” and other is “Dead” then who will be the third one? Is this a synthesis of two cases both “Dead and Alive” or something else? Something else, here is not candid to explain because this one going to be more complex even beyond this.

Quantum Suicide however, provides some basic aspects of nature’s complex existence. Reason is we are there where everything is in lattice and if someone wants to open this first, he / she will understand it’s geometry (as usually we try to open the threads that synthesize to form an unstructured thread) and then solve how to travel from one place to another that already exists that I will discuss in my next chapter. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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