What is Space?

Not sure whether this topic really assist us to understand the reality of nature, may be not, but still we are a creatures of hard hopes and imagination so journey will never end.  In this post, I am going to discuss “What is Space?” Generally, we are no sure “What exactly space is and why does it exist? In candid words, we ourselves never want to try to understand what is space? literally, not everyone but some (folks).

However, space considers to be a four-dimensional where length, breadth, height and also time resides. Also, if we look it (space) from different coordinates, we will get the same extent. But, beyond this, what exactly space is? Is space just a false perception of mind (Philosophy) or just a biological constraints of our eyes (Biology) or is similar like universes (Physics) or is a geometrical entity (Mathematics)? For me, it is definitely a geometrical entity that suffuses nothing but itself creates / builds “geometrical lines”, at least it (itself) is a giant geometry.

But, how? Reason is behind the existence of space and  explicitly depend on geometry of space. Here, space not only the confirmation of different coordinates but a lattice of geometrical lines something like “Sir Albert Einstein’s Gravitational Concept” where he eliminate the concept of gravity as a force that is predicted by Legendary, Physicist and Mathematician Sir Issac Newton. Space is not only a confined entity that resides inside some limited coordinates or something what we called “Aether” (will discuss in my next post) but is a pattern of a geometrical lines where everything seems like a mesh and prediction is hard but laws are simple.

Excerpt is, when you see a synthesis of different threads what you observe here, a lattice that is difficult to open and hence is not easy as it takes time, is this, yes this is. Similar case in geometrical lines or better to say geometrical space, where space is inflated like a mesh / lattice and where everything is not stable, and what we called “short span particles” that collide with each other and suddenly get diminish (disappear). This process inflates but not an infinite times.  But why? I will discuss in my next chapter.

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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