What is Space?

Space is giant and hence there are numerous possibilities that space is not only an event but also a coordinate system of well-defined geometry. Sometimes, we consider space a “void” and sometimes consider “virtual particles”. But, how one can be serious about its existence? Even we do not know from where space came from, is it came from somewhere or just a perception?

However, there are numerous possibilities but we are confined with some limits because we will never know about the existence of space and also why does it exist? But as a traveler, we are more curious to know how space works? May be, there are infinite spaces but our current theory not support that kind of hypothesis.

That kind of hypothesis is not only seen in hypothetical books, but also is a best perception / observation about existence of space. At least, we would be able to understand the existence of space, yet this is not possible but one day this would be. But still at that time we would not be sure about presence and also the cause behind the existence of space as this seems we are in a lattice of philosophy.

We are in a mesh of hidden roots of geometrical space where we are not sure what is the real existence of space and why does it exist? Can we imagine matter without space or space without matter or if there is nothing, then what? This leads us to the world of perplex particles because, if we know thousands of particles and understand them explicitly then this journey will move further and it never stops. But, here we are uncertain because, we have infinite particles and we will adhere them and this means we find creator and after than another new creator and after then another and so on, as this process replicates and we are where there is no center and no journey.

This task is difficult, but not impossible (if we consider ourselves a traveler rather than considering ourselves a well-understand beings or advance beings).

Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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