Yes, this is one of the perplexing concept and what we ask to ourselves “What happened before big bang?”.

We have some aspects behind it and some questions that I want to ask. Below:

  1. Are there multiverse that creates individual universes.
  2. Is there single universe that expands forever and what we called ” Steady State Model” (Note: “Steady State Model is not a right theory about universe)
  3. Are we reside inside bubble universe?
  4. Can we make our own perspective to ensure our existence in universe / space time?
  5. What if every universe contains lower stable energy or lower energy state as we have in case of space?
  6. Is there infinite universes / spaces behind duality of waves?

These questions are sufficient, but not enough to understand universe / space. In a giant universe, we are like a tiny particles, may be,not.

Image Source: Pinterest