Before Big Bang

Yes, this is one of the perplexing concept and what we ask to ourselves “What happened before big bang?”.

We have some aspects behind it and some questions that I want to ask. Below:

  1. Are there multiverse that creates individual universes.
  2. Is there single universe that expands forever and what we called ” Steady State Model” (Note: “Steady State Model is not a right theory about universe)
  3. Are we reside inside bubble universe?
  4. Can we make our own perspective to ensure our existence in universe / space time?
  5. What if every universe contains lower stable energy or lower energy state as we have in case of space?
  6. Is there infinite universes / spaces behind duality of waves?

These questions are sufficient, but not enough to understand universe / space. In a giant universe, we are like a tiny particles, may be,not.

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One thought on “Before Big Bang

  1. I think your concept is open for debate. It is scientifically proven that matter cannot be created out of nothing. It must come out from somewhere. And thats the reason to ask what existed before the happening of the big bang. What existed that made those particles exist?

    There is so much left answered and unproven. But i will tell you this,, there are no multiple universes. There is only one. I don’t know how to prove it, but im certain that the mysteries the one we are currently in, are plenty than we could ever imagine.


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