Void, A Self Or Imagination?

Sometimes, our perception becomes too narrow as we are unable to find the elegant light of nature. Reasons are numerous but thoughts do not want to explore from uncertainty.

Still in a technological world, we are unaware of some facts and aspects of nature, may be not necessary but still are useful. Those facts and some aspects lie in various questions as I ask in this post (below):

  1. Is time a static reality?
  2. Does nature need medium to define itself?
  3. Are we on that stage where we knoe everything as there is no reality behind our prescribed reality?
  4. Does reality exist in false / true perception?

However, these above questions are open and there is nothing that constraints their better side. If, we find one of the above question’s solution, may be we would find zero and left with desperation and that is not the possible solution.

Image Source: Pinterest





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