When we think about existence, we first think what is the cause or reason behind the particular existence and how the existence came in it’s well defined form? But, we still have a chaos as we do not know why the existence is indispensable and completely depend on particles (a basic and necessary need for existence).

Although, particles are necessary for existence because without these, nothing came in it’s existence as there is no time, no space, no worlds, no universes, no matter, and some other entities. But, imagine what if there was nothing and still we are in nothing and consider ourselves a present beings, may be we are not in past, present or in future. Yet, this does not assist us but transforms our thoughts into “nihilism” where there is no world so this means there is no cause for particle’s existence. Then how could this possible as we have infinite chain of particles?

Without particles, existence become more perplexing concept as we are not in that position from where we describe existence of space. Even we do not know the behaviour of particles as we know some of them from infinite particles and why existence needs particles, this is something that come from nothing and where each and every words like absurd, weird, mystical, uncertainty, chaos occur. Presently, we are trying to understand the behavior of particles and know few of them but still journey is too long to attain the ultimate creation (if, exist).

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