Uniform Consciousness

Consciousness is still a perplex concept to solve some the biggest mysteries in the entire universe. We know, we all are conscious beings and know how we manipulate prescribed tasks. But, when we talk about uniform consciousness that exists everywhere but still is undectable may bewildering our minds.

Uniform consciousness is indispensable, not only for “conscious beings” but also for “uniform objects”.

Consciousness, however, create different environment for ” being living in existence” as existence and cause, in case of uniform consciousness is not so much helpful because existence is completely depend on cause and cause, although is a different perception as we don’t know “why cause is necessary for existence and why consciousness came in it’s existence (self-existence, not to be confused with standalone term “existence”)? Behind some terms, cause is just a probability and uncertainty happen, where one has to be wary about some fundamental laws and principles even I don’t think nature is comprehensively depend on laws and pricinples otherwise we have our own little creators. Well, we are currently facing a lots of problems regarding to consciousness and self- consciousness. As, we know how consciousness works whether during a period of death or alive but, Does consciousness think how self works?

May be, not but if this will really happen in near future then we have ultimate nature of uncertainty that manifests how uniform consciousness is interrelated with “self”.

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