Quantum Point (A Void Singularity)

We all heard about singularity and it’s definition that explicit complex entities in nature likes black holes and big bang. Even, we are aware of it’s (singularity) density and know how dense “singularity” is. But, singularity is not what out perception compels us to think as we all think this is a denser region in space (not know it’s exact position or location) but in somewhere of denser region of space. Where gravity is strong and it goes denser and denser approaches to infinity (may be calculation of zero with infinity become nihilistic) and what we called “VOID”. Whether we become philosophically strong or scientifically giant, but in this case perception definitely reaches to it’s weird absurdity.

However, since the beginning of the universe our existence become more perplexing and still it is absurd as we find ourselves in a bounded world where only ” single point” describes our existence. But, what is that “point”, Singularity or Space? Some physicists say ” Singularity” but almost all say our universe came from “Singularity”. But, where is singularity? Inside dark space or exist outside with some geometrical implications? To remove this confusion from our mind, I consider a “Quantum Point” that exists everywhere and what it do is a transformation of quantum particles to one place to another in space.

Quantum points, suffuse each and every points in space and these points lie very closer to each other and there is no “Space” between these “points”. Hence these points are in candid way to place their existence in space. But, here question arises, why these ” points” are indispensable for space and why these “points”are responsible for ” quantum singularity”?

First, I will try to clear the misconception that persist in “quantum singularity”. Quantum singularity arises when there is not a sufficient space for “quantum points” to expand their extent and bounded like a lattice.

(Note: Geometrical behavior of space also matters here to define the “quantum singularity”)

Quantum singularity, in other words is “space itself” as space what we observe is dark contaminated with higher and lower region of quantum singularities and that also define where this event occur (depends on quantum particles those behave differently withThanks!

y explicit concept but rather depend on “Probability of cause”.

Cause depends on existence andvice versa but we are still in chaos as we still are behind the ethics of existence of space. Will discuss in my next post.


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For further information “Read Quantum Entanglement“.


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