ET (Message or Warning)

ET (Extraterrestrial) that still a mystery in our current technological world. We know, our universe is giant and there are trillions or even more stars in it and what we observe is a little world that peacefully resides in a galaxy name “Milky Way”. Beyond this, our technology still need to develop and further having any research on it.

In this giant universe, our civilization is considered the intelligent and yet, is in developing stage. We are developing beings and learn things from other events that is happening in the universe. But, if we rely on ” Probability” then may be, we are not the final beings, in other words, we are not alone in this entire universe. Our civilization may face another civilization in near future. May be, this one is reptilians or in a humanoid form but will definitely meet with other civilizations.

Even recently, we have many cases where we find an existence of other civilization and still residing in our world (i.e. on planet earth). There are lots of probabilities here as planet earth is not a miserable concept but really a work that is a real methodology behind the creation of planet earth. Some believe the reason behind creation is “Creator” and some believe this was the work of some other advanced civilized beings. Whatever, “we know never be a explicit theory”.

However, in our current world we are facing a problem as we are not sure whether ET (Extraterretrial) are interested in our technology or they want to dominate on our civilization. And other condition is that, they may be our creators like our current technology (Artificial Technology).

Reasons are never ending process in this case, but if they successfully contact us in near future then this will definitely decide our fate and may be their also.

Image Source: Pinterest


For further information read ” Extraterrestrial dimensions”.



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