Challenge of Mind (Artificial Technology Or Nature’s Gift)

Sometimes perception becomes weird and sometimes it becomes senseless. Whatever, the statement is but our mind is beyond the material things.

Yes, this us true as our mind is a source or medium from where information has lots of data without letting / jettisoned in absurdity. Mind, not only humans but also other conscious beings has a exact geometry. Mind is something that installs every data not a parochial thoughts but also contaminated with sub-conscious part (may be, this is a little device room for sub-conscious to exist in mind). Inside mind we have billions of neurons that transform data from one nerve to another and if there is any interruption in mind then it (mind) does not work properly just like a “AIrtificial Machine”.

Mind, yes is a machine that not only work in macroscopic level but also work in microscopic level (that is in quantum level). But, here we are not sure whether mind “itself” is consciousness or consciousness is the other thing (independent on mind) and what we see is a same concept and hence are depended on each other (mind and consciousness). This is something like a consciousness that is hovering over mind and then forcefully or desirously enter in mind. Even truth and false, these two perceptions are necessary otherwise geometry of nature violates (everytime).

Howver, mind is a giant premise where we see an infinite information but in a form of finite transformational field (those are neurons). This is so perplexing that raises a question, why information that stored (may be already defined) in mind travels through these neurons and why quantum cells / membranes are responsible for transformation of data / information. Is this a “static” mind or a well defined information and beyond this we are unable to imagine or give our essence on nature (universe, time and space)? Are we becoming more perplexing beings and will definitely become a source of quantum information that only needs well defined information that already feed in our mind just like a “Artificial Machines”.

” One day when we understand our well defined information or data then at that time we will become hapless to think beyond imagination”

Image Source: Pinterest

For further information read”Realm of Mind“.


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