Mind (A Curse Or A Gift)

Technology and theoretical world is not different and what we observe still find on theoretical as well as pragmatic scales. Technology in recent world is like a lattice of unimaginable space that never reveal it’s realm.

Mind is an best excerpt of technology, where we see a giant realm that epitomize a candid essence. Mind is everything as it works even in quantum world which means mind is everywhere but only need is to understand it’s geometry. Here, geometry is not a mathematical but a structure of mind.

Mind is a gift by nature and sometimes it becomes curse because information that contains in mind is neither false or true, either false or true, false and true, false but not true, true but not false, both false and true.

These sufficient conditions are well defined as our mind is contaminated with defined source and that source is “everything”. For an excerpt, suppose you want to imagine an infinity then what your mind do. It pays a attention towards your current consciousness and let you allow to imagine what is infinity and what it is? We know, infinity is not an object or any kind of entity but is a perception that manifests how we create better environment for imagine an infinity.

What we observe is only our perception and beyond this mind also has potential to think beyond infinity (whether this is weird or imaginative, does not matter). Mind is a powerful instrument that directs our thoughts without letting them in a shattered world. Even you observe in dreams or some actual facts.

However, Mind is everywhere. Yes, this is an elegant gift but sometimes this technology become a curse as our mind go beyond nature’s fundamental laws and principles. But, here how this is possible that nature made such well defined entity who has the potential to think beyond nature’s realm? This is something like a famous Statement made by St. Augustine “God make a heavy stone that He cannot lift it”. Yes, this is weird but logically this is a great idea, on the other hand, for perspective to theoretical statement this is not possible. From this statement, this is clear that things that is created by nature never mean it is limited but like a Sir Issac Newton’s famous second law, “F=ma” that requires something that accelerated objects and it moves forever until being stop.

Mind is also in this category. It moves without relying on others even on itself.

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