Gravity (A Mystery)

This is not a story of “time traveling” and this is not a story of “Bubble Universes”. This is a weird entity that suddenly came along with the existence of universe and matter in it. Also attracts and repels objects in the entire universe.

Yes, you are right. This is nothing but a “gravity”. Gravity is responsible for attraction and repulsion of the bodies as distance between objects matter, if according to quantum world, it binds everything. Gravity is responsible for everything in the entire universe as matter completely depend on gravity and even universe also (synthesis of matter and radiation). Even gravity is so strong, it also beats speed of light anywhere in the universe, no matter but one of the best excerpt are ” black holes”. But question is, why gravity is indispensable for universe and also matter in it? Why gravity is gravity, in other words, why gravity needs objects to define / came in it’s existence?

First, we know if there is no gravity there is nothing that shape itself in a explicit form. Entire universe looks like a weird and geometry even feel ashamed. But, with the existence of gravity we have proper geometry and objects in the universe have their shape and also responsible for matter in the universe.

Altough, in some cases gravity contradicts itself as space is responsible for everything special case in Sir Albert Einstein’s Space time where space is responsible for curvature and also light’s actual position. An excerpt is, when you see a star that looks straight to your eyes but this is not, the actual position is not that your previous thought but is different and this is due to the bending of star’s light because of the strong evidence of space (curvature).

Here we can think space and gravity both are one. But still is not. Gravity is something that has it’s individual existence apply on heavenly bodies and on celestial bodies. Time, what we measure in our world is slightly affected by it’s own gravity (not so much, so why we are not noticing that). But, if you are on a travel of black holes, this effect will clearly seen as time slow down there and gravity wins, even light struggle as we knoe light is both wave and particle and this mean wave does not have suffcient energy to stabilize during gravity’s strong dominant.

Well, we are not aware about gravity’s realm as we are still adhering gravity’s hidden mystery and that is “Gravitons” responsible for existence of gravity but what beyond these gravitons and where is the end? Not a sufficient information but could imagine without violating our own thoughts.

Image Source: Pinterest


For further information read “Existence of gravity“.


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