Next World (A Journey to Other World)

Find a next world and what would be our thoughts at that time? May be, we are individual creator of that world or may be messengers that sent to that world where evolution is in progress?

We have many habitable planets that supports life but some are habitable completely and some are not, yet to be know thier facts comprehensively. Our planet is in habitable zone and what we called it a “Goldilock Zone” where “balance” matters. Evolution is indispensable because it moves from one destination from other and this process goes on. But, this process happened on planet earth and this was the cause for existence of living as well as non-living beings.

In this silent space, evolution is a question, no one knows “why life is important and why life needs habitable zone?” This is something that demolish our thoughts and that suffuse the emptiness but still fell short. Life is not like a silent space or uncertain universe, it is something that transform life and meaning of life become existence for beings.

Planet earth is important not only with perspective towards life but also the process that began with consciousness and still never ends. Although, recently some habitable zone worlds are in our targeted plan and some research says, these worlds are similar like planet earth but still in a evolution period. May be, we find that world which we consider a habitable planet which has it’s own star (i.e. sun) and it’s own satellite (moon). That planet will definitely special for us and we may be are their creators and main reason behind their evolution (trying to set up / build our own civilization / genetic behavior).

Our search for next world is not different than our research on space time. This kind of research will assist us to find that world where we create / build and also survive / alive our generation’s last hope. One day, we will definitely meet that planet where our hopes never shatter and where we have a new world with new hopes (not we but also the evolution process of that world).

Image Source: Pinterest


For further information read “Beyond earth’s life“.


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